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Reggae Vibes was formed in Southern Oregon in the fall of 2009. At the time, I was as an artist looking for direction.  For years, I've had either a still camera or a video camera in my hands, but it's just recently that I found the love of Web design.

Reggae Vibes Project Film started one day when my friend Evan asked me to film his band Indubious in a documentary.  So, Matt handed me his video camera, headed to the garage, and I started filming the best concert I've ever seen... filmed by Reggae Vibes...

My dream job is to film and chill with reggae talent.  My favorite local bands are Indubious, Alcyon Massive, One Love Community Band, Lambsbread, Anuhea and Stranger.  I've enjoyed being up and close, while filming their live shows.  Either standing in the front row or up on stage, I always felt as if they were performing just for me. I was honored filming their life stories and being included in their home lives.  I was inspired by witnessing the process of creating a new song from scratch.  My most iconic memory was when Alcyon grabbed the acoustic off of the wall like it was second nature.  Then, Evan sat at the organ and Spence plugged  in his bass...and the jam session began. I'm very thankful to Evan and Rabbit for getting me involved in this whole amazing life style.  Simple, yet extraordinary.

Coco Moanikeala Productions is a collaboration of my Reggae Vibes and my Web Desingn company.  I will build and design a professional and creative website for your company, which will encompass your visions, and then I will publish it on the World-Wide Web for a reasonable price... peace and aloha... coco





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